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The · Stuff · That · Dreams · Are · Made · Of

Pre-Code Film: #11

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Cast: Greta Garbo, Marie Dressler, George F. Marion, Charles Bickford
Director: Clarence Brown

Prostitution was a very touchy subject with the Production Office. They didn't like the heroine of the film to be a prostitute, and in the rare case that she was, the preferred it if she was met with some kind of punishment at the end. Often death. Anna Christie is a movie that simply wouldn't have been able to be made during enforcement. Despite the rather depressing nature of the film, things are looking up for the title character by the end of the film.

Greta Garbo's first talkie could have been nothing more than yet another stilted, clunky play adaptation of early sound film. But the characters here are so rich, so pained, and so human that everything in the film seems to have purpose. Even the awkward silences that, in other films, would be looked on now as beginner's mistakes in the new medium of film. Here they fit the character's awkwardness in their situations. It people trying to get to know each other despite their secrets.
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