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The · Stuff · That · Dreams · Are · Made · Of

Pre-Code Film: #13

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NOTE: This entry is also doubling as the "Star of the Month Recommendation" for last week.

Cast: Bette Davis, Leslie Howard, Frances Dee, Kay Johnson, Reginald Denny
Director: John Cromwell

This is the last great pre-code film. It's a dark, sad, slightly disturbing tale of depression with great performances from its leads, Leslie Howard and Bette Davis. This is a bit of a different Davis than we're used to. She's not the smart, high class lady she usually is. And while it's not something new to see her play nasty, here, she's nastier than she ever was. Yes, I think she's even nastier here than she was in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Davis puts across a unique, kind of repulsive sexiness. There's sex appeal there, we can see why Howard is so attracted to her. But it's her attitude that makes her so vile. The character starts out as intriguing. He indifference to Howard does at first seem enticing. But as the film goes on, she becomes more and more horrible and unbearable. It's an amazing performance.
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