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The · Stuff · That · Dreams · Are · Made · Of

Pre-Code Film: # 14

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Cast: Robert Montgomery, Irene Purcell, C. Aubrey Smith, Reginald Owen
Director: Sam Wood

Out of all the films on the list, this is probably the best example of how much a film could get away with in the pre-code era. I watched this for the first time after I had become very aware of the era, and I was still incredibly surprised out how explicit it was.

This is the only film  I've ever seen Irene Purcell in, and I'm very, very surprised that she didn't make more films. She's beautiful, charming, and talented. Her chemistry with Montgomery is great. Their's is a sweet kind of sexy. Like so many films from this era, the romance starts off as antagonistic, so there is plenty of witty verbal sparring between the two and the tension grows.

And then it breaks. The two retire to the bedroom together, and begin to lie together on the couch as the lights go out. And the next morning the maid finds Purcell's nightgown at the foot of the bed.....ripped in half.
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