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The · Stuff · That · Dreams · Are · Made · Of

Pre-Code Film: #15

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Cast: Constance Bennett, Robert Montgomery, Adolphe Manjou, Anita Page, Marjorie Rambeau
Director: Jack Conway

Sometimes a movie is needed to remind you that things don't always end in kisses and a promise of happily ever after. Even some of the best and most convincing love stories can end with one side walking out on the other. The Easiest Way is a film that shows these things, that movies don't always end happily ever after. But it also manages to show that no matter what happens, there's still hope in the end.

This is yet another Constance Bennett kept woman drama, but her character here is so much more drawn out and interesting than most of her others. She's a good girl, resistant to being kept by Menjou. But this is the Depression, and sometimes you take what you can get. You do it the easiest way.
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