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The · Stuff · That · Dreams · Are · Made · Of

Pre-Code Film: #10

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Cast: Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Wallace Ford, Richard Gallagher
Director: Clarence Brown

Yep, there's even more kept woman drama on this list! Hey, it was a staple of pre-code film. In the 1930s, Joan Crawford played mostly shopgirls and poor girls who made good by falling in love with a rich guy. Possessed is the best of those films. She's so amazing with Clark Gable. The two have undeniable chemistry, and they're scenes together sparkle with sexiness.

The kept woman issue was never handled quite as seriously as it was here. Films never really took a stance on the topic. But Clarence Brown's film looks at how the situation can begin to weat psychologically on the people involved. Sure, the girl's got a a great place to stay with lots of nice things without having to do anything, but she also lived with the knowledge that people talk about her because of what she is. And sure, the guy's got a pretty little number he can call on anytime he wants, but he has to deal with not only people talking the woman he might love, but also wondering if she really loves him back. And because it handles the issue so seriously, the romance is so much more rewarding.
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